Heart of Wisconsin Rug Hookers

Guild Meeting

March 3, 2016

Members Present: Joy Close, Judy Dotti, Barb Gottsacker, Margaret Grundeen, Mary Jo Hane, Sandy Heeg, Ruth Johnson, Barb Klein, Kathy Lorsung, Sandy Marcy, Patricia Mehr, Kris O’Day, Beth Roach, Valerie Shaw, Sue Soule, and Nancy Thompson

Members Absent: Pat Boesel, Hethie Boll, Louise Budde, Jan Coatts, Lynn Cyr, Barb Militzer, Carole Pelot, Pam Schmelzle, Phyllis Schmidt, Julie Sych and Carol Willert

The meeting was called to order by President, Sandy Marcy, who thanked the Waupaca Ladies for providing treats.

Secretary’s Report: No corrections or additions noted.

Treasurer’s Report: Kris reports the beginning balance of $6,264.98. Checks were written in the amount of $5.15. Deposits were $50.00 leaving an ending balance of $6,309.83.

Old Business: Patty Piek Groth Workshop. No update was available. An email will be sent to members to sign up for the class which will be held at the church in Wisconsin Rapids on May 29 and May 20.

Hook In: Pat M. reported that she has emailed 15-17 vendors. So far, the same vendors we had last year will again be vendors this year, with the exception of Wool Socks and Hollyhocks. Vendors will be charged $14 for lunch (which will include all day refreshments) and they will also be charged a space fee and a table fee.

Admission fee will remain at $21. Pat suggested that we give each attendee a free rug label as an attendance gift. Pat made the motion, seconded by Mary Jo and carried. Labels will be made by Sandy M and Barb K.

A discussion was held regarding offering mini-classes during the Hook In. Rooms are available in the basement for that purpose. Carrie Martin is willing to do a 2 day workshop the day before or after the Hook In. No decisions were made.

Margaret had ideas and suggestions for publicity. She will contact Pat Boesel, who has volunteered to create a Guild website, and discuss including Hook In information. Margaret suggested we put an ad and an article and a picture in the Country Register publication. The cost of an ad is $85. She will check to see when the deadline is. Pat M. made a motion to place the ad and article. Mary Jo seconded the motion and it was carried. Margaret will also check with ATHA and Rug Hooking magazines to find out their deadlines. She will have the pink “Save the Date” cards prepared to distribute at the Cream City Hook In and to send out to various shops. Kathy will check with Pat B for suggestions for sending out “Save the Date” emails to names on the Hook In master listing.

April Road Trip: We cancelled the April road trip to the Fiber Museum and we will be having a regular meeting on Thursday, April 7th at 10:00 at the Spencer Lake facility. Pat M phoned Spencer Lake and was told we could meet in the dining room for no charge. We will bring sack lunches and a beverage or we can have coffee for 35 cents a cup. It will give us all a chance to see where the Hook In will be held. For those of you who will be using a GPS to get to Spencer Lake, use N1401 Cedar Lane, Waupaca, WI 54981 as the address.

New Business: Mary Jo and Joy gave instructions and demonstrations on how to measure and cut linen and how to draw the grid for the friendship runner. Thanks to Sandy M, Barb G. and Pat M for bringing their sergers and serging the linen. There are 13 members involved in the runner, to date, and each was assigned a square. Each will draw a pattern which they will hook on every runner. Bring your red dot and pattern to the April meeting.

A motion was made by Sue to adjourn, seconded by Nancy and carried.

The meeting was adjourned followed by Show and Tell.


The April 7th meeting will be at Spencer Lake.

Bring your friendship runner pattern to the meeting with your red dot.

The Cream City Hook In will be held on Thursday, April 28.