Heart of Wisconsin Rug Hookers

Guild Meeting

January 7, 2016

Members Present:, Joy Close, Jan Coatts, Judy Dotti, Mary Jo Hane, Sandee Heeg, Ruth Johnson, Kathy Lorsung, Patricia Mehr, Kris O’Day, Carole Pelot, Beth Roach, Pam Schmelzle, Sue Soule, and Nancy Thompson

Members Absent: Hethie Boll, Louise Budde, Lynn Cyr, Margaret Grundeen, Barb Klein, Sandy Marcy, Barb Militzer, Phyllis Schmidt, Valerie Shaw and Carol Willert.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Mary Jo Hane, who thanked the Wisconsin Rapids Ladies for providing an entire luncheon (which was great!) Mary Jo also welcomed new member, Sandee Heeg. Please introduce yourself at the next opportunity.

Secretaries Report: None as there was no meeting in December.

Treasurer’s Report: Kris reports a beginning balance of $7,277.04. Checks were written for $990.65 and there were deposits of $844.00 leaving a balance of $7,130.39.

New Business: Teacher’s Workshops: Pam contacted Patti Piek Groth about teaching a Guild class in April or May. Patti is available and Pam will talk to Patti and schedule the class in April or May. The workshop project will be “Creative Techniques Sampler”.

The 2016 Christmas Party will be held at the Silvercryst Restaurant in Wautoma.

The 2016 Calendar was created and it was suggested that we have monthly projects. Some have already signed up for the projects. Suggestions included proddy, braiding, finishing, a paper bag challenge and making a pillow. There will be an attachment to this email.

Mary Jo suggested a friendship runner as a Guild project. The runner would be comprised of many squares, depending on the number of members participating. Each member would have a piece of linen drawn with the blank squares. Then each member would prepare a design and hook that design onto one square of all the other members’ runners, so that when finished, each runner will have a square hooked by every member. I’ll be attaching a picture of an example of the runner provided by Carole P.

As a project, members would learn many facets of rug hooking including step by step cutting linen, transferring a pattern onto linen, hooking, finishing, signing a name onto a piece, etc.

Due to the response to this project, a motion was made by Sue to order 3 bolts of linen, 2 natural and 1 white. Pat seconded the motion and it was carried. Kris will order the linen. More information will be provided in the following months meetings.

Library: Pat made a motion to have the actual Guild library be available at only the Wisconsin Rapids meetings, due to the library being large and heavy to bring to every meeting. Members may still check out books each month by contacting Margaret and requesting the item in advance and it will be made available at the next meeting. (All members should have received an email listing of the full library. If not, contact Margaret.) Kathy seconded the motion and it was passed.

Old Business: Christmas Party Update: 12 members attended the party at the Green Fountain in Waupaca. Nancy reported there were good accommodations, (although not a private room) nice decorations and food. There was a gift and an ornament exchange. Nancy would like to see more members participate in the hooked ornament exchange and she will be doing the August project which will be creating ornaments. A vote will be taken later this year to determine whether all ornaments in the exchange have to be hooked or if they can be made using wool in other ways.

Hook In:

The results of the vote for the site of the 2016 Hook In is Spencer Lake Camp located 4 miles South of Waupaca on County Highway E. The date is Thursday, September 22, 2016.

A Hook In committee sign-up sheet was passed around. Carole Pelot volunteered to be the Hook In Chairperson. If you did not attend the meeting, contact Carole P. to sign up for a committee. There will be an attachment to this email.

A flyer must be prepared to distribute at the Cream City Hook In advising of our Hook In in September and the specifics.

The meeting was adjourned followed by Show and Tell.


The February 4 meeting will be held in Mt Morris and the project will be “How to whip a corner”. For those of you who have not been to a Mt Morris meeting, the site of the meeting is the Mountain View Community Center located at 21st Lane, Wautoma. It is situated on the corners of Cty S, Hwy 152 and 21st Lane.