Linen – The Guild has purchased 50 yds of unbleached linen from Michele Micarelli.  The cost is $16.50/yd.  Contact Kris O’Day.

All Other Rug Hooking Supplies –  The Guild has arranged for wholesale pricing with Dorr Mill, when the order is placed in full bolts and paid for by the Guild.  As of 8/5/17, the Guild will be purchasing a bolt of natural and possibly one other bolt.  Will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.  Kris O’Day will coordinate.

Remember –  Individual orders for smaller quantities can be placed by you directly with Dorr Mill but will go through at regular pricing.

Wholesale pricing documents are listed below for the Guild’s reference.

The Dorr Mill Store
PO Box 88, 22 Hale St.
Wholesale Price List

From our by-the-yard color chart of wool (open stock)
And all style 03062 (Our signature line)
Initial order must be prepaid when establishing a new account.
Retail Price Per Yard
Natural $25.50
Textures* $25.50
Solids  $26.50
White  $28.50

Wholesale Prices Per Yard

Natural $21.67
Textures* $21.67
Solids $22.52
White $24.22
Wholesale Yardage Prices by the Bolt

1-2 Bolts-15 yd. each
Natural $16.80
Textures* $16.75
Solids $17.75
White $18.90
3 Bolts or more
Natural $15.75
Textures $15.75
Solids $16.75
White $17.90

Potpourri Swatches & Rolls
From our potpourri color chart of wool (open-stock)
Potpourri Swatches
Wholesale Price Per Swatch
Retail Prices
1-11 @$5.53 each
12-59 @$4.55 each
60 or more @$3.90 each
$6.50 each
Single Strips (3” x 12”)
$1.20 each

Discounts for Potpourri Rolls
Wholesale per pound
Retail per pound
Potpourri 3” wide rolls
Must be purchased as full roll-sizes vary but on average weight is approximately 18 ounces.  1 pound is equal to approximately 1 ½ yards of 57” wide fabric.


#45PCRW – 5 yard bolts Pick & Choose (45 yards total)
Choose nine colors from our style 03062 color chart of wool or any colors from our limited edition potpourri shades. Each 5 yard bolt will be billed at $16.90 per yard- the total for forty five yards is $760.50. If ordering natural it will be billed at $15.90 per yard, textures will be billed at $15.90 per yard and white @$18.05 per yard. Additional yardage may be ordered in five yard increments of a color at the same prices. Please note this only is for our Signature Dorr Wool from our by-the-yard and potpourri color charts.

*Textures refer to oatmeal, glen plaid, tan & white hound’s-tooth and gray & white hound’s-tooth that are on our open-stock color chart. For assorted yardage ordered with a bolt add 15¢ per yard to the wholesale price of the color you are ordering. For example; if you order a bolt of natural and 5 yards of morning glory the natural is $16.80 per yard and the morning glory is $17.90 per yard. Non-wool hooking supplies (hooks, books, dyes etc.) 15% off retail prices.

No discounts available on Fraser machines & heads, Bee Line Townsend machines & heads, Snapdragon frames and rug patterns.

Wholesale schedule for non-wool supplies.
Hartman hooks-Retail Price- $40 regular shank, $42 bent shank

1-6 15% discount
7-12 30% discount
Over 12 40% discount

Sizes available:

Ergo Handle
Extra Fine-2mm
Bent Medium-5mm
Bent Medium-5mm short shank
Extra Medium-6mm
Bent Extra Medium-6mm short shank
Primitive-8mm short shank
3 ½” Handle
Ball Handle
Extra Coarse-9mm
Pear Handle
Extra Coarse-9mm
Pencil Handle
Small Medium-4mm


Non-wool hooking and braiding supplies are at a 15% discount*

*There are no discounts on the following:
Fraser machines and heads
Bee Line Townsend machines and heads
Snapdragon frames & accessories
Rug hooking patterns
Rug hooking kits


11/20/13 Wholesale Price List for Foundation Fabrics

When less than a bolt is purchased the discount is 15%. BOLTS ARE 15 YDS OR MORE

Primitive Linen (unbleached) 64”wide @$31 per yard
Bolts @$18.60 per yard
Open Rolls @$15.50 per yard

Primitive Linen (bleached) 60” wide @$37 per yard
Bolts @$22.20 yard
Open Rolls @$18.50 yard

Mixed Primitive Linen-made with both bleached & unbleached
Yarns 60” wide @$33.50 per yard
Bolts @$20.10 per yard
Open roll $16.75 per yard

60” Traditional Linen @$33 per yard
Bolts @$19.80 yard
Open roll $16.50

60” Monks Cloth, 100% cotton @$18.00 yard
Bolts @$10.80 yard
Open Rolls $9.00 yard

Warp Cloth, 100% cotton, 60” wide @$20.00 yard
Bolts @$12.00 yard
Open Rolls @$10.00 yard

Bolts are 15 yards and open rolls are approximately 55-60 yards long.
◊If an open roll is purchased but needs to be broken down into bolts there is an additional charge of 50¢ per yard.    1-800-846-3677